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How to Keep Moss Off the Roof?

To keep moss from growing on your roof and extending the life of your roof, annual Roof Moss Treatment is recommended. If you have put off Roof Treatments and Roof Moss has developed then Roof Moss Removal is needed by removing the moss first.

Many companies are selling \"Soft Washing\" roof cleaning methods, these are great but not for composite shingle. They state that after the moss is sprayed it will die and fall off over time due to mother nature. There are a few reasons why \"Soft Washing\" a composite roof is harmful. Soft Washes contain, detergents and soap. There is petroleum in composite roof shingles to hold the granules down. If you ever used any kind of soap to wash oil off your hands, the soap cuts right through it and breaks it down. The same goes for your Roof, the Soft Washes break down the petroleum and allows the granules to come loose. Hence the reason why the moss comes off is due to the fact that all the granules have come loose from applying soaps to the roof.

Another Roof Cleaning Method to beware of is pressure washing. Just take a look at a roof after it is pressure washed, you might be fortunate if there is still granules left on your roof.

When it comes to Roof Moss Removal the best method for cleaning Moss off the roof is gently hand brushing it. This is a thorough process that will physically remove all moss from your roof. After the moss is removed, the moss along with all debris is cleaned off the roof. Then all Moss is cleaned from your gutter to avoid any downspouts from clogging.

After the Roof Moss Removal when the roof has been cleaned from all moss, we then apply an Eco-Friendly roof treatment. This keeps moss from growing on your roof for up to a year. Annual roof treatments should be scheduled t to keep your Roof Moss Free and extend the life of your Roof.

Roof Moss Removal and Roof Moss Treatment

When it comes to moss there are things you need to know when it comes to the home. It may be pretty and cause effect in some cases, but it can also cause heartache to the owner!

Moss and algae tend to grow on areas of the roof, which remain wet after rain fall and do not completely dry. North facing roofs, or areas that are in the shade from trees or other rooflines, are common areas that grow moss. The problem with the growth of moss is that it tends to dislodge or uplift roofing components such as shingles. Once lifted shingles are susceptible to wind, wind driven rain, and ice damage.

We received 2014 and 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award and Rated #1 for Moss Removal.

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Many roof cleaners will not touch a cedar shake roof. This is because the amount of labor, experience and safety issues involved when cleaning cedar shake roofs. When cedar becomes wet, its like ice. Being 20 feet off the ground makes this task one only an expert should do.


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