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3 Tips To Get More From Your Window Cleaning Service

 #1. Screens

If your Windows don\'t have screens skip to #2. Once you\'ve had your screens cleaned by a professional, dust them regularly. It\'s that simple. We recommend using an ordinary household duster. This will not prevent needing to have your windows cleaned during your next scheduled cleaning. It will, however, remove visible dust, maintaining the appearance of clean screens longer. Not to mention helping to increase visibility through your windows.

#2. Frames & Sills

Once your Windows have been cleaned, you can help them looking clean by wiping the frames and sills regularly. This is pretty straightforward; just wipe the frame and sills with a damp cloth. Open the windows and get down in the corners and cracks of the sill, that\'s where the most build up happens. Simple enough.

#3. Glass

This is the Main one. The Glass. If you want to maintain clear, awesome looking glass after your windows have been professionally cleaned, here\'s how! Use steel wool grade 0000. This is a trade secret that other window cleaner do not want you to know about. Use still wool lightly on almost any spots that occur on your glass. (Warning: Do Not Use Steel Wool on Windows With Tint.) Steel Wool works excellent on those windows that have plants in front of them or near the kitchen sink. Using steel wool to spot clean in between Window Cleaning Services is a great Way to keep your glass looking amazing, beautiful and clear.



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